I moved to London in autumn 2015. Planned is for a year working as a live-in Au-Pair for a german family.

‘Wow, London. Living there must be very tiring.’ Is only one of the reactions I often get, when I tell somebody that I’m working in London for a year. Yes, London is a giant city, and there are a lot of people. If you for one try to go shopping at the ‘Portobello Market’ in Notting Hill on a Saturday, you’ll feel like visiting the ‘Oktoberfest’ on Italian Weekend. There it is absolutely overcrowded though not only once a year but every single weekend. However as it is huge, there are also parts which are very quiet and peaceful. The Borough I’m living at is far away from the crowded city. The only gatherings you’ll find round here are waiting mothers in front of the school or children and their mothers or nannies in the Park respectively at the Play Areas.
But I think it’s absolutly the best for me like this. In my opinion it’s easier to settle in a more rural as an urban area. Furthermore the fact that my host family is german as well simplifies the situation. There are no ‘Culture Clashs’ in this context because they are from the same culture.
Anyway I feel like living in little Germany. Of course I shall speak in German with the children, but furthermore I reraly speak english too. In this area live a lot of german families, thus an independant little german community had been formed over the years. Both girls attend a german playgroup and on wednesday the younger girl and me, we go to a music kindergarden, everything in German of course. Actually nothing had changed in my life especially that the cars are running on the left and the use of Pounds at my daily shopping. On one hand this is very convenient for me, but on the other hand I won’t learn english as well as other Au-Pairs.

Luckily I found native english speaking not-Au-Pair friends I spend mostly my weekends with, otherwise I wouldn’t learn english.