Pre-Christmas wonderland

On the weekend I went home to Bavaria to see my parents and to take a break from Berlin. Don’t get me wrong, I love Berlin. As a country potato though it is quite tiring and I needed some time off from the big city life. Furthermore I felt like I would be happier coming back home to the Australian as I had a hard time over the past few weeks. There is no problem with our relationship or anything in that direction. I’m just still in the settling-in phase and I don’t have my own circle of friends yet, what makes the homesickness situation even more complicated. To cure my pain I packed my backpack and left for ‘ye olde’ Bavaria on Friday morning, very early morning.


‘In der Weihnachtsbäckerei’ – In the Christmas bakery

As I had agreed with my parents, that they would get all the ingredients for the christmas baking and I would make some biscuits on the weekend, I had a task to accomplish. I started on Friday afternoon and managed to bake four different types of biscuits. I spent more or less the whole weekend in the kitchen whisking, kneading, rolling flat, cutting out, baking and decorating. At least the biscuits look amazing and taste like Christmas, just what I’ve wanted.

Obviously I had to see my cousin and her boyfriend as well. The two came from Augsburg on the Friday evening and we had dinner together. Also I wanted to give her the birthday present I got for her in London, but I couldn’t find it anymore. This birthday present had already had a long story before. I got it for her in May as her birthday is in the same month. I wanted to give it to her in June when the Australian and me visited, but I forgot it in London, obviously. So I brought it over the next time, that was in the summer, visited her also because of the present, but left it at my parents’ place, obviously. So I thought I could give her the present and the card this time, but it had disappeared. I couldn’t find it anywhere. They even helped me, but it was untraceable. In the end they left without the present and we agreed, that I would swing by if I could find it.  I actually did, it was in a paper bag from a pharmacy with a deodorant and an ointment in a box in front of the bathroom upstairs, but nobody really knows how it got there. Mysterious!

My brother instead invited us around to his on the Sunday night. He and my dad went to the stadium to see the football game. In the meantime I picked up my mum from the train station. She just came back from Cologne where she had given a further education course. Afterwards we met at my brother’s place to have dinner. He made a beef roast with potato dumplings and red cabbage, and it was delish! It was really nice having the whole family together again. Since living further away from my family I can actually appreciate the time we have together. When I lived in Munich they were so close, that seeing them was never the main event. Now I enjoy spending valuable time with my parents and brother as it got less.

I also tried to meet my best friend back from school. So I called her on Wednesday if she would have any plans on the weekend. She replied that she actually would come to Berlin on the next day and that she hopes that me asking her about her availability on the weekend wouldn’t mean that I had planned to go home. Well, unfortunately that was exactly my plan and I wanted to stick to it, but at least I saw her on the Thursday afternoon in Berlin. What a funny coincidence though.


Walking in a winter wonderland

Furthermore my dad had planned to go for a skitour. Unfortunately the snow situation didn’t allow any skiing activities, but we went for a wonderful hike in our second home, the ‘Gunzesrieder Tal’. We used to spend nearly every winter and spring holiday, sometimes even summer holiday, in a cottage near the village ‘Gunzesried’. For years we had the tradition of celebrating Christmas there with other families and even the ski camp I used to go to was held in this cottage. So as always we had decided to go this direction for a hike, maybe even up the mountain we normally go skitouring for. Before we started we went to our favourite alpine dairy and bought some cheese. I obviously thought of the Australian and bought the ingredients to make ‘Kässpatzen’ as he had asked me to make some for ages. On the parking area in front of the dairy we met some old friends of my dad, they had known each other from their activity at the DAV (Deutscher Alpenverein). Unceremoniously we agreed on hiking together whilst having a cup of coffee respectively of hot chocolate. We ended up having an amazing time, also because of them. It just worked out perfectly!


In conclusion, I had a wonderful weekend with my family. I think it is important to take a break every now and then so I can appreciate more what I have and to relax. I’m definitely looking forward to being back in my new home with the Australian and enjoying the rest of the pre-Christmas time. Luckily my mum had made us an advent calendar with 24 individual parcels from which we can open one each day to get into the real Christmas feeling.


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