A birthday surprise

I got the best birthday present I could have dreamed of. How it came to it however is a long story. Originally a friend from London wanted to visit, unfortunately the flights were so damn expensive, as my birthday fell on the second weekend of the mid term holiday, so she couldn’t afford it. These were the wrong news at the wrong time and I’ve already seen me alone and lonely on my birthday. Panicking I called my parents whether they would be at home and I could visit them. Luckily my mum offered to come to Berlin for the weekend. She changed her flight from London to Munich and would stay with us for the weekend instead. Some days later my brother called to ask if he could stay with us for my birthday weekend as well. I was a bit confused, as my dad and me had arranged for him and my brother to come the following weekend to build our kitchen. He told me that there was a koncert near by he would like to go to. So the plan was that my brother would take the train on Friday morning, see the gig on Friday night and then we would spend my birthday together with my mother and the Australian. Sunday the Australian would have to work, but Monday we would do something together.

But when I picked my brother up from the central station he brought a portable circular-saw  and the appertaining rail with him. That was a bit weird, but in my head the reason was simple. My dad would need the saw next week to build the kitchen. As they wouldn’t meet anymore before next weekend my brother already brought the equipment and the saw to Berlin and would leave it with us. Obviously my brother couldn’t keep his mouth shut and told me real reason, but I will tell you later.

However my brother went to the gig and I had a really nice evening celebrating into my birthday with the Australian, his best friend the chef and his best friend’s girlfriend the Dutch. We met around Herrmanplatz, had some drinks outside in the cold and in a pub before we ended up in a club. We didn’t last for long though, as the music was horrible. Nonetheless I had a nice before birthday evening and night and was very excited about my mum coming on Saturday afternoon.

On my birthday we had a nice sleep in and a long and big birthday breakfast. Afterwards my brother left to see some sights while we were cleaning up. We wanted to meet later on to have some coffee and cheese cake at Five Elephant. As we got ready to leave my brother called and told me to stay for another 15 minutes as there was a surprise arriving. I obviously knew what surprise as he had told me the day before, but for the surprise’s sake I did as if I didn’t know. So at around 3pm our door bell rang and my dad waited outside. He had driven up all the way from Augsburg to surprise me on my birthday and he would install our kitchen already this weekend instead of the next weekend. I was so happy and honestly that was one of the best birthday presents I have got so far. We still met for some coffee and cake before I picked up my mum from the airport. The evening we spent with pizza from a local restaurant and some drinks at home.

On the Sunday the wather god wished us well. So we decided to have a stroll to Teufelsberg and Drachenberg, these are two hills which are actually human made. They evolved after WWII from deposed rubble. Teufelsberg also covers an under-construction Nazi military-technical college (Wehrtechnische Fakultät) and during the Cold War, there was a U.S. listening station on the hill, the so called Field Station Berlin. Nowadays the U.S. listening station is an art space with the biggest graffiti gallery in Europe and they offer guided tours to explore the monument. After our little excursion we visited the Australian at his work at The Barn Roastery. We had some excellent, amazing, marvellous, brilliant, magnificent, beautiful, and so on, coffee to end this excellent, amazing, marvellous, brilliant, magnificent, beautiful, and so on afternoon and somehow the relaxed part of my parents’ visit, as Monday and Tuesday were dedicated to build our kitchen. It was sheer stress all the way through, but least we have a kitchen now and it is excellent, amazing, marvellous, brilliant magnificent, beautiful, and so on!


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