Where is home?

Wow, three months since my last post even though it happened a lot. I feel a bit guilty but in the same time I think I needed the break. After I’d left London I didn’t feel to well either, sadness and excitement overcame me. The two weeks in Berlin working for my host family flew past and the 10 days at my parents’ house as well. On our trip through Scotland and North of England the Australian and me had some great adventures, but I will write a special post about this after we get back our photos from the disposable camera. Now I’m actually back in London and this is why:


1. Shocking news

While I was in Tuscany as a helper for a family my host mum from London approached me with some shocking news. The new Aupair, who had been visiting us in London for some days in June to look at the job, who was a 100% sure about this job and the possibility and responsibility coming with it, had decided to quit after two days of looking after the girls in Berlin. This decision was made one day before they wanted to leave for London. So my host mum was without an Aupair again but would have to go to work the following Monday after being away for almost two months. It seemed like they found a solution quickly on the following day, as an acquintance of her sister in law assured to come to London instead. He couldn’t leave immediately, as he had to organise some things, would follow some days later though. He even gave them one of his suitcases to take with them, but that still didn’t result in him coming to London. In the end he said that he couldn’t subrent his flat for the time abroad and wouldn’t want to give up his flat either. Luckily they had the cousin of a friend coming for some days anyways to fill the gap until the second Aupair was supposed to come. When she told me the whole story I obviously offered her to come back for some days if they would need me as back then I thought that I didn’t get into uni anyways.


2. Moving and the first week

After the holidays in Tuscany  I returned to my parents’ place. I had already started to pack for our move to Berlin in the beginning of the summer but still had a lot to do. My plan for the last week was to throw out old stuff I wouldn’t need anymore and pack everyrthing into boxes. Also we had to load everything on a massive trailer and hope everything would fit. On friday 16th early morning my parents and me drove up and met the Australian near our new flat. Packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, going to Ikea, building the highbed, building other furniture… By the end I was just happy that it was over. But still it isn’t ready yet. Our kitchen is extemporary, we don’t have any cupboards, we just use the washing machine and the dishwasher as surfaces and for storage. But still we feel at home and love our new place. After my parents had left we already had our first visitor over. A friend from maritme studios stayed with us spontaneously for some days. We had an amazing time with him even though I had to babysit most of the time. Furthermore it was the birthday of the Australian and we obviously had to celebrate that as well. We had some friends over for drinks and a coffee-chocolate-fudge cake with salted caramell filling. But back to how I’ve ended up in London again. Before the move  I had a skype call with my host mum and she  referred to my previous offer to return for some time. The problem was that the temporary Aupair wanted to go home but the new Aupair they’d found could only start in mid October. I obviously would help them out, ‘rescue’ them, not only because this mess can’t be healthy for the girls, but also because I felt so sorry for my host parents going through such bad luck with other Aupairs. So I ended up flying back to London for three weeks in end of September after spending only a week in my new home.


3. Returning ‘home’

I flew out on the 26th September, one day before a year ago I had left Germany for London the first time. It was such a throwback to my first time here. Obviously everything was different, as this whole story already had happened, but still I got reminded a lot of my beginnings here from last year. The girls were very moody in the beginning, and in my opinion they were allowed to. At first the story with the new Aupair happened, then they started to renovate some of the rooms in the house and finally they also got accepted at a different school. A lot of changes  they had to deal with at the same time. I had the feeling that my temporary return was good for the girls, as they already know me. For me on the other hand it is quite hard. I had some really sad moments here so far. Not because I don’t like my host family anymore as much or they give me hard time. More because I had to realise that London isn’t the home anymore that it used to be. Last year I had a home with my host family and a second home for the weekend with the room at maritime studios the Australian lived in. Now I had to ask around for staying at a friend’s place. What is actually nice as I could catch up with everybody and have some time with them alone. It is more the fact that I’ve realised that London won’t be the same ever again. There won’t be the weekly strolls or runs up the canal to Broadway Market or Victoria Park, there won’t be the visits at the Australian’s work at Liverpool St Station, no Friday night pizzas at Pizza Union, there won’t be any mutual shopping trips to Stratford or Covent Garden, no going out for breakfast or coffee at the Peanut Vendor with the house, and so on. I’m not good with changes, but this one was one of the hardest I had to survive so far. Plus I know that this additional time with my host family will be over in some days as well, and then it is time to say goodbye again.




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