Time to say goodbye

My time as an Au Pair is nearly over. My things are packed, half of it is already with a transport on its way to Berlin and I had to leave London last Friday, as the family and me are in Berlin for two weeks before they go on holiday. It was very hard to say goodbye to all my friends, but at least I know I will meet them again, whether in Berlin or London.


A see-you-soon


My saying goodbye had started a week before I even left. At first we went to Broadway Market together for a last time. Obviously we had a chicken burger and a cider in the park. Afterwards I went for my last yoga session with my favourite yoga teacher Catherine from hotpodyoga and in the evening we had a big house party. The last maritime studio house party actually, as everybody was moving out and there won’t be any maritime studio anymore. For my last evening then we went out for dinner with some friends as we had already had the big house party the Saturday before. One of my friends recommended us to go to Flat Iron and it was insanely good. We had three bottles of wine and free beer, who can imagine that in London. The story behind the free beers is actually pretty simple. We had an one and a half hours wait for the food place and as we were deciding what to do, a guy approached us and asked if we would like some free beer. At first we thought it would be a joke, but they actually gave beer and even haircuts for free. It was an experimental thing for the Covent Garden late night shopping day. It definitely made our day! But the steaks were still the main event. And the three bottles of Malbec of course. I will never foget this last evening. Thank you for being such dear friends!


The last two weeks

As I’ve explained before my host family and me spent the first two weeks of the holiday in Berlin with their family. Therefore we left London on the first Friday of the summer holiday afternoon. Originally we wanted to leave earlier, but I had to put down my oral english exam on the Friday afternoon first. Everything in last minute, as I had the written exam the day before. What stress in my last few hours in my beloved London. Somehow it made the whole situation better though, because I couldn’t really concentrate on the sadness trying to break through. So we left London on the Friday at 4 pm to get the train to Calais. It got quite late until we arrived at our first destination at a friends place of my host parents. We spent the night there to rest a bit and prepare for the second half of the journey next morning. After another tiring drive we arrived in Berlin perfectly for the cousin’s birthday party. The following two weeks we had in Berlin were amazing. We had nice wheather troughout our time there except for maybe two days. We played a lot in the garden. Luckily the girls’ cousins had a small swimming pool, it was the main event every day due to the heat. Plus the little one turned 3 years in the first week and we had a big party with some of the cousins’ nursery peers. I can’t believe that she turned three, after she was still a toddler when I first met her wearing nappies and sucking a dummy. And now she is a big girl, is attendind school nursery from October on and doesn’t need the ‘baby stuff’ anymore. Beside these main events we saw the Australian’s and my new flat, as my hostmum’s dad is our new landlord. It maybe isn’t in the most trendy area, but the price we pay for the flat is definitley worth it. Furthermore I also had an amzing time with the Australians best friend and his girlfriend. It definitely helped seeing them as friends as well not only as friend friends. But unfortunately these two weeks had to be over at some point as well and we left Berlin towards Stuttgart, where it was time for the big goodbye. It was hard to leave, but at least I know I will see them again when ever they come to Berlin or I visit London.


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