Am I still welcome here?

Originally I didn’t want to publish a post about the Eu Referendum in the UK. I’m sure everybody has already read about the circumstances and the results. The Leave campaign won with a narrow majority. Everybody I know is shocked, devastated and disappointed. My friends are of various cultural backgrounds like Czech, Polish, Australian, Scottish, Irish and also English. I love each of them equally no matter what country each person comes from. Furthermore I have never felt any kind of racism here over the past nine months. Until last week I had had the feeling that multicultural living together works.

Even if I’m political interested I couldn’t really get bothered to think much about the Brexit. I thought that a country in the 21. century would pursue the goal to live together as an international community. In my mind it was clear, that the Remain campaign would win as predictions told us too. Obviously I was thinking about what would happen, if Leave wins, but it felt so surreal. For me the Brexit didn’t really matter until Thursday evening, the day of the Referendum. We were on our way home from Tennis and stopped by at the supermarket to get some things I hadn’t got in the morning. As Thursday is normally a very busy and long day, both girls were pretty tired and were teasing each other. When I told them off one of the shop assistants came to us and said to me: “Have you packed your suitcases yet?”. I simply didn’t know what to reply, in fact I didn’t even understand what she was up to. As I didn’t say anything she continued that as she had heard us speaking German and as the UK would vote Leave in the Referendum today, she would recommend us to pack tonight, because we would have to go back to Germany tomorrow. I was shocked and couldn’t answer anything. The older girl responded instead and asked confusedly if we would go on holiday the next day, or why we would have to pack our suitcases. After we left I could’t hold my tears back. I felt devastated and helpless. Normally I fight for the refugees’ and immigrants’ rights and against racism, but this time it was me having to be protected. I had never thought, that something like that would happen to me.

Altogether I’m shocked that we got that far. I know that there is a lot of hate and racism in Germany too, but I’ve never expected it in London. I think everybody is allowed to have their own opinion. I don’t force anybody to believe what I believe in. Obviously I try to convince and hope that reason wins, but attacking helpless people like this is disgusting.


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