Bavaria in one weekend

I had waited so long for this weekend to come and now it has been already two weeks since we visited my parents and spent lovely two days in Munich. There was actually no reason to fly to Germany, I just wanted a weekend with my parents before the summer. Luckily the Australian got holiday as well and could accompany me.


Bavarian breakfast and lots of beer

We arrived on the Friday morning, as we took a very early flight from Stansted to Allgäu Airport, which is actually nearer to my parents’ place than Munich or Stuttgart. The evening before the Australian asked me if we could have a typical bavarian breakfast. I needed some time to understand what he meant with that until he described me it as boiled sausages with mustard and pretzels. For me that is not really a breakfast. It is more a brunch type food we have with half a liter of wheat beer sometimes at a beer or fire brigade festival. But it was the best request the Australian could ever make. I hadn’t had “Weißwürst mit süßem Senf und Brezen” in ages. And of course we had it with some beer, too. We did pretty much nothing else the whole day than eating, drinking, sleeping and chatting with my family. In the evening my cousin, her boyfriend and my brother came as well and we had a bbq despite rain, thunder and lightning. I really enjoyed that day just hanging around, eating typical food and drinking beer.


Munich – a city but yet a village

Unfortunately my parents had already planned something for that weekend when I decided to visit Germany. But we thought it might be a good idea to see Munich. The last time we only had been to Augsburg and Berlin. And most of all we could visit the guy who kind of hooked me up with the Australian. He is my best friend in Munich and when I moved to London he offered me to contact that guy he met at a festival for me who in turn is the Australian. On Saturday we did all the touristy stuff. We walked through the historic centre and even walked past a beer festival. At Odeonsplatz, in the north of the centre, they celebrated the brewer’s day, on which young brewers get simbolically absolved after making the oath to produce according to the bavarian purity law of 1516. Before the celebration they had a big procession through the whole city with horse carriages loaded with beer barrels. The full bavarian experience, I would say. Before we met our friend and went for “Schnitzel”, precisely for gigantic “Schnitzel”, the Australian couldn’t resist checking out a coffeeshop. Man versus machine is a little roastery and café just outside the centre near Sendlinger Tor. We had a nice conversation with one of the guys working there, obviously he was Australian and from Sydney too. As we met our friend we headed off to Mozart café for dinner. The boys both ordered one “Schnitzel” so I decided to stick with a salad and help them if they can’t bear it anymore. I got enough of the “Schnitzel”, it definitely was giant. For the evening we had planned some pre drinks with our friend’s girlfriend and a night out afterwards. It was so much fun going out with them after such a long time. Therefore Sunday we had a sleep in and planned a relaxed day. We had another coffee at a speciality coffee shop near  my friends place (Mahlefitz) and afterwards a beer at the riverside. Before we got the train back to Augsburg I showed the Australian where I had lived the last year and my favourite places in the city. I think he fell in love with this beautiful city just as I had last year. Because it is a beautiful city!

A hard see you soon

On Sunday evening we had dinner at my brother’s new place with my parents, my cousin and her boyfriend. It was a nice goodbye gathering, as it was our last meal together. My mother had to work on Monday and left early Monday morning and my cousin and my brother both live in Augsburg. Again it wasn’t easy to say goodbye, not only because I would go back to London but also because it meant that I wouldn’t see the Australian for the next 3 weeks as he had planned to go back to Australia to see his family. 


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