B&B – A weekend in the west

Last weekend we were on our second long weekend holiday. This time we had chosen Bristol and Bath as destinations. We left on the Saturday morning and took the bus from Victoria Coach Station, spent the Saturday in Bristol, went to Bath for the Sunday and returned for Saturday night and Monday morning before we took the bus back to London. We had a lovely weekend full of surprises, but read yourself!


People can actually be nice!

Our first stop in Bristol was a nice little cafe called Full Court Press, where we had a coffee and some cake to reanimate ourselves. We thought it would be a good idea to go out on the Friday night, then not sleep and wait until our bus leaves at the Australian’s work. Of course it hadn’t been a good idea at all. But somehow we survived the Saturday with barely 3 hours sleep on the bus. After our caffeine overdose we walked through the old part of Bristol with the markets where we grabbed something to eat. All together we saw the most important sights as from the markets we walked down to the Promenade and along the harbour. Later we crossed the harbour by ferry and had a beer on the otherside. Afterwards we went up tp the cathedral past some strange sights as the gigantic disco ball and from there even further up to the University of Bristol. This city is amazing. It is not a beautiful city like Budapest or Paris, but very interesting. And it is obvious that it is mainly a family and student city, everybody is lovely and helpful. Compared to London it is a therapy session for your soul. Plus we had really big luck with our airbnb hosts, after the tragedy last time. They were lovely and very helpful. As we were exhausted we decided to have a nap after our check in and to go for dinner afterwards. For dinner we had ramen at Sticks’n’broth, a very nice japanese ramen bar in the center. Unfortunately we were very tired so we went home straight after we finished. But on the other hand it was a good decision, at leat we had some hours of sleep.


A little surprise

As I told before we had taken the train to Bath on the Sunday. The train took 11 mins, what a journey. As we arrived it was already clear that Bath is the more touristy city of them. When you arrive at the train station you are already in the centre with the historic Roman Baths and a lot of other interesting buildings. We actually wanted to go there for a bath, but they told us that it is only for visiting. There are some spas aswell but they are very expensive. At first we wanted to grap a coffee and tried Colonna & Small’s. As we arrived there a little surprise waited for us. We had already ordered our coffee and went towards the outside seating area. They told us that probably  no seats were available anymore. As I looked down from upstairs I saw a couple sitting on a table of four with two spare chairs and a table for two without. I thought we could take these two chairs and went downstairs to ask. Funnily the guy was no stranger, he works with the Australian at New Street. They had decided to have a time out from London as well and had already spent the Saturday in Bath. So we ended up spending the whole day with them. After the coffee we bought some nice cheese at a cheese shop, some crackers and some beverages for having it in a park. Before that we walked a bit more through the historical city and saw the famous Pulteney Bridge and the Parade Gardens. Actually we wanted to eat our food there but it costs entry. Luckily there was a bit of green in front of the Abbey where we could sit down. Our last stop in Bath was a nice spanish tapas bar with great food and lovely staff called ole. This little hidden gem completed our amazing day in bath. Evenmore I enjoyed it to catch up with them, because I had known him already but hadn’t met his girlfriend so far. They definitely made our trip even better.


Back to London

Back in Bristol at first we thought about having some drinks at a cocktail bar, as it was a 20 mins walk away we couldn’t get bothered to leave the house again. So we stayed at home and packed our things for our return on Monday. In the morning we just had some breakfast and left our airbnb afterwards to grab a last coffee in Bristol at Full Court Press and to drink a beer at the promenade. Altogether time had past to fast and I had an amazing time in the West. I’m definitely coming back.




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