Preparing for the wrench and another visitor

It is end of May and that means that I don’t have much time left until I have to leave London, my friends here and my lovely hostfamily. As they are already searching a new Au Pair to replace me it slowly occured to me that my time here is nearly over. Originally I would have left London with them end of July to spend some time in Berlin with their family. Afterwards I would have had three weeks holiday, which I will spend with my parents for some days and the rest with the Australian exploring the north of England and Scotland. Then I would have flown back to Berlin to work from there again for some days and would have come back to London for two weeks. In these two weeks I would have instructed the new Au Pair in her duties and tasks before I fly to my new destination which will probably be Berlin as well. A big see-saw for me and the family. Therefore my hostmother asked me if I would mind already finishing before my three weeks of holiday, the rest of the plan still stays the same. She thinks that it will be easier for the new Au Pair and the kids after a three week break from me and I totally agree in that with her. But still I had to swallow at first. That would mean I would leave them beginning of August, that is in two months. And I would leave London in July. Of course I can always come back, flights aren’t the most expensive thing in the world anymore, but still it is hard to think about a goodbye for ever, or at least for now. When ever I complained about the dreariness about this city in the winter the Australian assured me to wait for the summer when London comes alive and becomes beautiful. And so it is. London is gorgeous with some sunlight and vivid colours. Everybody is outside tanning their bodys in the parks, everybody is happy and has a smile on his lips. So on one hand I don’t want to leave this great city but on the other hand I know that it is better to leave before the miserable winter comes again.


A “Berliner” in London

Luckily there is always something to do. Two weeks ago we had a big party at the house because a friend of the Australian celebrated his birthday. And the week after I had a friend over from Berlin. I worked with her last year and I would name her one of my best friends. She arrived very early on Friday morning and stayed until Monday. We did the main sights on Friday and Saturday, e.g. our favourite walk from Liverpool Street via Monument to Tower Hill, over Tower Bridge to Southbank, lunch at Borough Market, a stop at Tate Modern and then to St. Paul’s over Millennium Bridge. Instead of walking down the Strand we took an old bus of the line 15 to Trafalgar Square and had a little chat there. Afterwards we went for cream tea at Fortnum & Mason and back to Liverpool Street for Pizza at Pizza Union with the Australian and some friends.

On Saturday we had a walk up the canal, what else, to Broadway Market and an alarming message from my hostmum. She found something moving on the head of the older girl. Unfortunately we found some lice on my head too, that meant buying a treatment shampoo and spending half the day combing my hair. In the late afternoon we decided to leave the house again and saw Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace. As we were craving asian food we went to an amazing udon place in soho called KOYA Bar. I can definitely reccomend this place, but you should go to uncommon times, otherwise it can happen that you have to wait a bit. We were lucky and only had three other groups in front of us, but the queue grew and grew and when we left they stood till outside.

On Sunday we had a brunch picnic in Victoria Park and in the afternoon we went shopping without the Australian. Unfortunately that weekend was over again so fast and I had to leave in the evening. But luckily I see her in July, when I come to Berlin. I’m looking forward to that.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Ich liebe deine Berichte


  2. Uta says:

    Ich habe den Blogpost jetzt erst gelesen!!! Tut mir leid wenn mein Gedanke, dich nach der Sommerpause nicht noch mal mit nach London zu nehmen, geschockt hat! Aber am Ende kam dann ja doch alles anders als geplant und du hast uns mit den ungeplanten drei Wochen Unterstützung total aus der Patsche geholfen!! Vielen Dank 😀


  3. Geschockt, ja, aber verstanden habe ich es auch total! Ich glaube ich hätte es genauso vorgeschlagen, Ich war nur so darauf eingestellt, nochmal mit zukommen.
    Und ich hatte wunderschöne drei Wochen mit euch! Ich hoffe es geht euch gut!


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