Coming and going

It started a time of welcomes and farewells. Two weeks ago a friend back from school visited London and on the last weekend my parents and a friend of them spent some days with us. Furthermore there is a friend coming in two weeks time, afterwards the Australian and me will visit Bristol and Germany and then he’ll fly home to Sydney for three weeks. For the next couple of weeks there will be no weekend without an event in our calendar.


London in three days

The friend I had over for the first weekend of May I know back from school. She had never been to London, therefore we had to do the main sights. As she only stayed for three days we had to do a lot of walking to cross off our points from our to-do-list. On Saturday we did an amazing walk. We took the underground to Tower Hill, walked around the Tower of London one time, crossed the Thames over Tower Bridge, bought pastries at Maltby Street Market, had lunch at Borough Market, walked to the Tate Modern along southbank, visited an Exhibition at Tate Modern, crossed the Thames again over Millennium Bridge, walked up to St Paul’s, went down fleet Street until Temple, had a little break at a fountain in Temple, followed the Strand until Somerset House and then all the way down till Trafalgar Square. Unfortunately I had to leave them there as I had to work that night. They went on to Westminster to see Big Ben, somehow they landed at Westminster Abbey afterwards and then found their way to Buckingham Palace. We didn’t count the miles we walked, but it was enough. We were more than exhausted that evening.

On Sunday we went for brunch at Cream and down Redchurch Street and Brick Lane. Cream is a really nice little oasis just off Shoreditch Highstreet. They have delicious scrambled eggs and fresh salads and they even offer some warm dishes for lunch. After Brick Lane we just decided to get some beer and to tan our white bellies in the sun. Luckily we still had the monday morning because of the bank holiday. As her flight was in the afternoon we decided to squeeze us through the British Museum, literally squeeze.  It was hard to say goodbye again, but as it is I can’t change it.


London with my parents

The week between the visit of my friend and my parents was very short. I had Monday off due to the Bank holiday, worked Tuesday and Wednesday. My parents came on the Thursday, therefore my hostmum offered me to swap the days, so I could spend the day with them. We did a big walk from Liverpool Street Station, where we had a coffee at the Australian’s work, over Monument to St. Paul’s, crossed the Millenium Bridge, had Lunch at Borough Market and finally ended up in the Tate Modern. They went on to Trafalgar Square by bus afterwards and I went home for work. Luckily we didn’t do the whole walk we did with my friend, I don’t think I could have done it again. But to be honest, we nearly had the same programme as the weekend before.

On Friday we went again to Cream for brunch and walked down again Redchurch Street to Brick Lane. But afterwards we had a change of plan and decided to go to Greenwich by boat from Westminster Pier. There we walked up to the Royale Observatory and saw the Prime Meridian. We had to take some pictures there as we have this picture of my Mum, my brother an me standing in a row in front of the Prime Meridian.


The picture on the left was taken 16 years ago when my parents, my brother and me visited London. Back then I got 5 years old on the day we flew to London. Obviously we had to pose for a recreation, unfortunately my brother wasn’t there to complete the trio.

For that Friday night we had tickets for Shakespeare’s ‘Midsummer Night Dream’ at the Globe Theatre. We had pretty much the best view possible, we sat right in the middle in the first row of the seating rows on the ground floor. In front of us was the standing area indeed, but our seats were some stairs up. The play was amazing, fantastic, awsome, divine, lush, and some other adjectives. I really enjoyed it, even if I didn’t understand everything. The Australian just said that I probably understood the most. It was hard to understand at the beginning, but after some minutes I got used to the Shakespearean language and could follow the story. It was very funny and as I don’t want to spoil anybody’s fun I’m not going to tell any more. Watch it, it’s worth it!

On Saturday we agreed on a relaxed day and met at Broadway Market at noon. After squeezing through the market we had some drinks in the park next to it. On that weekend I was drunk literally every afternoon. It started on Thursday and ended on Sunday. I definitely have to reconsider my drinking habits. But it was nice to just sit around and talk. The friend of my parents instead had planned a museum marathon day. So we met her at Fortnum & Mason for cream tea and decided to go for dinner to a pub near Mile End Station which a friend recommended us. The pub The Lord Tredegar is a pearl among pubs. It is family run and they cook their own food there in an open kitchen. That mean’s no catering, what is usual for the most pubs. And the food is amazing. The Australian and me, we had a share on a beef burger and fish and chips and they were really great decisions. My mother and my father had two delicious steaks and the friend of my parents a beef burger too. Evenmore the pub has an outside seating area, which unfortunately closes at ten, but it’s the best place for an ‘Augustiner Helles’ on a lukewarm summer night.

The last day’s morning we spent in Victoria Park and had a picnic brunch in the shade of a big plane tree. I had never done such a nice thing in my whole life. As my parents had to leave the city around 2 pm we stayed in the park and enjoyed the sun and the summer feeling. After they left we went on to a friend’s place for bbq and some drinks.

Altogether I had a lively and exciting time and it will continue like this.


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