B&B – A weekend in the west

For the Spring Bank Holiday weekend the Australian and me travelled to Bristol and Bath. Both lovely cities helding some surprises for us.


Preparing for the wrench and another visitor

It is end of May and that means that I don’t have much time left until I have to leave London, my friends here and my lovely hostfamily. As they are already searching a new Au Pair to replace me it slowly occured to me that my time here is nearly over. Originally I would…

Coming and going

It started a time of welcomes and farewells. Two weeks ago a friend back from school visited London and on the last weekend my parents and a friend of them spent some days with us. Furthermore there is a friend coming in two weeks time, afterwards the Australian and me will visit Bristol and Germany…

London through an objective lens #5

Summer is coming and with it many visitors. On the first weekend of May a friend back from school stayed with us and the week after my parents and a friend of them spent some days in London. And the next guest is coming in two weeks time and May will nearly be over again!