Back In Town

But not really arrived yet. This time it was very hard to get on the plain. I was flying from Munich on monday evening after visiting my old work and meeting my best friend. Luckily she accompanied me to the airport otherwise I think I would have stayed in Munich. Obviously I was looking forward to see my friends, the Australian and the family, but I wished I could take my Londony life to Germany. I think the knowledge of not seeing my friends for at least another four months made the farewell even more tough. And the goodbye from the families with the handicapped children made me cry, because leaving them is hard everytime anyway. I know this group of families for over 15 years and they are like a second family. I know that I have a lot of second families all over the world, but this is something so special.

But life has to go on. I had a good time with the girls, as school didn’t start yet. We made a trip into the city and visited their mother at work for lunch break. Furthermore we had several friends over and cuddled a lot as we didn’t see each other for two weeks. Also is it good to see my friends again. I just realised how much I missed them all. Luckily we had already planned a lot with them on the weekend. On friday we had a relaxed evening with the house. The Australian cooked meatballs and falafel balls and we had wine I brought back from Italy while we were watching American Psycho. At first I was doubtful if I would like the film, I’m not the biggest fan of thriller and horror films. But American Psycho is actually a very funny film. On saturday we went for a run, obviously up the canal to victoria park and back. Afterwards we had a lovely breakfast with coffee, swedish crispbread, the ham and cheese from Italy, avocado, cream cheese and salmon and the homemade granola from the Australian. Later that day we met friends at Timberyard in Soho and had a coffee before we went for chicken and waffles. The Stax Diner is an american restaurant in a beautiful backyard of Carnaby Street. I didn’t have chicken and waffles – I think the chicken ruins the waffle – therefore I had a vegetarian sandwich which was delicious. Unfortunately I got heavy headaches in the late afternoon and couldn’t do anything. While the Australian was cooking I was lying in his bed and was trying to sleep. My head was hurting so much I couldn’t even fall asleep. In the end I took two paracetamol because we were invited at a friends place and I wanted to go there. It was nice even if we only went for two and a half hours. It was a mexico themed party – mexican food, mexican costumes. We came in our most summery clothes.

On sunday we had a late breakfast and then went for a walk up the canal – where else should we go – to Broadway Market. Even if the market is only set on saturdays it is a very nice place to go to for shopping and lunch. We decided on an italian restaurant called Bella Vita as the Australian was craving pasta. In the end we shared pizza, a ravioli dish and a 500 ml carafe of red wine. And as it is every week the weekend was over too fast and I had to go home. But it was a good weekend and it cheered me up.

Plus I have some things to look forward too. A good friend is visiting me in 3 weeks, and my parents will be here in less than a month, too.



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