“In Dublin’s fair city…” – Holiday Éireann

For the half term holidays in the spring term the Australian and me, we decided to visit a city both of us hadn’t been to before. Therefore we booked flights from Stansted to Dublin for the Thursday at half past six in the morning (I still don’t know who is so stupid to book such early flights or train journeys) and back at Saturday evening to save money on accomodation. We found a very nice private room on Airbnb near the city center and not to expensive. After the stressful time before the UKBC we definitely needed some time to relax and hoped to find some relaxation in Dublin. Unfortunately not everything went as smoothly as we wished to.

As our flight was very early we had to get up at four am and took the National Express from Mile End at quarter to five. I thought one hour in advance at the airport would be way enough, but I was mistaken. London Stansted is probably the busiest early half past five in the morning. The check-in and the security area was rammed with people. When I saw this I got already a bit nervous, but I thought that if we’re getting through the security without problems we’ll have enough time to get to our gate. Unfortunately the bag of the Australian got selected for rechecking. We had to wait another 20 mins until his bag was the next to be checked, by this time it was already 6.10 am and the flight was on final call. As the gate where our flight was from is at the other end of the airport we had to run there.  Luckily Ryan Air is always a bit delayed with boarding, because when we got there at 6.20 there was still a massive queue in front of the gate. But the funniest fact about this story is the reason why the Australian’s bag got rechecked. Because of an empty little glass bottle he had kept in his bag for ages. At least we had our weekly workout done. But that wasn’t the worst experience yet. As we landed and I wanted to take money out of the atm I realised that I forgot my german bank card at home. Normally it wouldn’t be a big thing, but the Australian and me only got payed on Friday and I did put the rest of my money on my german account. So we had to call friends to lent us some money, at least we have lovely friends helping us in difficult situations. After that we needed a reset so we went to 3FE. There we had some food, a filter and planned our next steps in the capital of Ireland. We still had to kill some time until the check-in into our Airbnb. Luckily it was a sunny day, so we just walked around the southern part of the city. But the next trouble already waited around the corner. After we had a lunch in the sun – we bought some nice bread, some cold cuts and cheese and ate it outside the shop on a bench – we set off for the room. The girl renting us the room gave us a number to call when we were in front of the house. We called and called and called. But she didn’t answer. So we went into the bakery with free Wifi on the other side of the street and tried to message her via Airbnb. But she didn’t answer. So the Australian went to the house again and tried every bell at the door, but nobody answered. We couldn’t even be bothered being upset or annoyed after what we had already been through. So we waited for one hour until we contacted Airbnb, because we didn’t know what to do. They told us that they have to try to contact the host first and that we have to wait at least two hours before they can undertake something. But they recommended us to look for a new room which could even be a bit more expensive and they would pay the difference. We already got a bit excited and started to search and then the phone rang. The host was calling and in the end we could check-in into our room. I was a bit disappointed, I was really looking forward to another room after that disaster. And the worst was that she didn’t even make an effort to explain what went wrong or to apologise properly. We spent the evening in the room, had some take away food and just relaxed. We really needed a calm night after that adventurous day.

On friday we started with a big breakfast at “home” and then we headed to vice, a nice coffee bar. The idea of the cafe is that the location, which is a bar during night, can’t be really used during the day, so they started a coffee bar there. Later we walked on the riverside until we reached the harbour. When we came back into the city we took the train south to “Killiney hill”. On the way up we walked through the very posh area of Dublin and laughed at the ridiculous big houses and properties. Unfortunately as we reached the peak it looked like, it would start to rain soon. So we rushed back down to the station and just got on the train when it started. After having a nap and revitalizing we went out for dinner to a seafood restaurant. It’s called Klaw and is located near temple bar. The staff and the owner Kevin are lovely and the food is delicious. There I tried my first Oyster after years of being absolutely convinced that I don’t like them. I have to admit that I kind of like them even if they still seem a bit strange to me. Furthermore we had crab on toast, grilled prawns and a pot of mussles, mmmmmhm… very delicious. Because “In Dublin’s fair city, where the girls are so pretty” you must have some “mussels alive, alive O”. Obviously that day couldn’t end without another annoyance. As we spent a relaxing night on thursday we wanted to have some drinks that evening. The Australian read something about a nice bar some minutes away and on our way home anyway. So we went there and I was already enthusiastic, because I’m 21 years old and normally you get into every bar and club with that age. Unfortunately I was mistaken again. The security had to explain us, that this bar is only for adults older than 25, “because the owner wants a clientele more mature. But there is another bar around the corner where younger people in our age are welcome”. What Bullshit! Just only because we’re under 25 doesn’t mean that we’re immature. We were so disappointed that we just went home.

Saturday started with rain. So we had a late breakfast and planned to visit a museum nearby. After check-out we first had a coffee at Brother Hubbard and then went to Dublinia. This museum shows Dublin over the time as a settlement of the Vikings and the Middle Ages. Furthermore there is an exhibition about archeology and how research of life in former years works. Afterwards we had to kill time till our flight back to london, so we checked out another cafe called Kaph and had a look at some shops around that area. Obviously we couldn’t walk past the vinyl-shop without having a look at some good techno records. In the end we tried to get an early bus back to the airport as we didn’t want to rush to the gate again. Unfortunately we recognized on the way there that the Australian lost his beanie somewhere, but it wasn’t enough time to go back and get it.

But if all what happened on that holiday wouldn’t be enough we both caught a tummy bug and had a horrible sunday at home spending most of the time on the toilet. We even had to take the monday off to recover. Alltogether it was a very interesting and adventurous trip but at least we can strike all these things from the “possible bad things that could happen on a trip” list.


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