Time After Time

Time flies! I just came here and now 4 month are already over. And I still have the feeling, that I don’t know London at all. Even if my weekends are packed with things to do and I’ve done a lot already. But it’s like in every bigger city, you can’t know a city by heart. London is way too big for that, but even in smaller towns theres too much change going on, so there’s always something new to explore.

Some weeks ago I visited Selfridge’s the first time, because a friend of mine worked there. It’s huge and a bit scary. The first time in there I got lost and didn’t find my way back outside. But mainly it’s ridiculously expensive. And most of the clothes and things you can get there isn’t even nice. Unfortunately my friend lost her job there but at least we had a reason to go for a cake like this. She showed me her favourite café and french bakery called “Maison Bertaux“, which is a located near Tottenham Court Road Station. It’s a very old café, it was established in the end of the 19th century, and very cute. My friend described it to me beforehand as a kitschy, cute café, and that’s 100% true. It’s stuffed with colourful, flowery decoration and the staff is very nice.



This café is so different. Coffee-breweries and coffee-bars are the place to be. They are compared to this one very simply and purely decorated. I visited just last week a nice one. I was around Chancery Lane and the Australian recommended it to me. It’s called “Prufrock” and it’s in Leather Lane. As you see is this café comparatively undecorated and simple. It’s a very nice café though. If you are interested in coffee you must go there. They do barista-training as well and have very good food. In Leather Lane they have a nice food market too.

The Australian and me, we just started our own “tradition”. We run everywhere. Obviously it’s healthy but on the other hand we can explore the surrounding areas of Mile End. We ran already to “Broadway Market” several times, I once ran to the “Bottle Apostle” to get a nice bottle of wine and for the next time we thought on “Maltby Street“. It’s a good way to stay athletic. Furthermore I think I never lived as healthy as in London at the moment. I hardly eat sweets and as lactose-free things are rare my nutrition nearly changed to vegan again. Just last night I made vegan burger with falafel-dough pattys. Even the buns were vegan and handmade. Out of the rest of the dough I made some vegan cinnamon buns. It was delicious!!!

For more pictures go to “London through an objective lens #1


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