Home Sweet Home


Of course I had to go home for Christmas. My flight was on the 23rd evening, so I just got home in time. Furthermore as the Australian was coming with me and we decided to go to Berlin for New Year’s we only had a little time at my parents’ place. Therefore my mother and me we tried to organise a traditional Bavarian Christmas experience. Unfortunately “Petrus” (Saint Peter)  didn’t want like us and forgot to send us some snow. But still we had a very nice Christmas with typical Bavarian food and cardgames.


This is a “Feuerzangenbowle” which is (according to leo.org) “a mulled wine with a rum-soaked sugarloaf lit above it”, but actually you pour the burning rum over the sugar so it melts into the mulled wine. Despite a tough schedule and hurrying from one friend to another to meet them all in this short time, we had relaxing 5 days before we went to Berlin.


New Year’s


On the 29th we took the train at 6:12 am to Berlin. I still don’t know who is so stupid to buy tickets for such an early train but my train back on the 2nd went even earlier at 4:19 am from the central station in Berlin. At least we could waste the six hour journey on sleeping in an uncomfortable position. But we got there and that’s what counts. In Berlin we stayed with a friend of the Australian back from Australia. He moved there some months ago and as his flatmates weren’t at home for New Year’s we could easily stay there. Of course we had to visit all the important monuments and did some sightseeing.

We did the most important things in one day, we didn’t want to overact it. We rather fed each other and explored the city in eating and drinking.

New Year’s in Berlin is insane though. According to our friends there they started shooting fireworks already one week ahead and it literally felt like living in a warzone. The evening itself I was afraid of going outside but I had to. At first we decided to visit a friend of mine back from Munich, I worked with her last year. One hour before the turn of the year we tried to get to a bar where a friend of the Australian celebrated. Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to get there as the street, where the bar was at, was blocked by police. So we got back on the tram and as it rang 12 o’clock we hurried out again at a station and enjoyed the fireworks in the middle of a crossover. Afterwards we went out first to a pub and then to a club. With the New Year’s Day I changed my diurnal rhythm completely and slept during the day. But that’s Berlin, the city that never sleeps. And you neither. Unfortunately I had to leave after 4 days, but my flight back to London was already set for the 3rd January from Stuttgart (everybody, who know’s the map of Germany a bit, knows that that’s absolute bullshit, because it would have been easier to fly directly from Berlin instead of travelling hours on a train back south and getting the plane from there).


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