“Advent, Advent ein Lichtlein brennt…

… Advent, Advent one light burns, at first one then two then three then four, then Christ Child is around the corner. Well, this saying for the four weeks before Christmas sounds much better in German, because it rhymes. Furthermore I had to realize, that the english time before Christmas isn’t the same as our Advent. Whilst we celebrate the four Advent Sundays and St. Nicholas on the 6th December as well and the Christ Child comes on the 24th evening for the gift giving, here in Britain St. Nicholas as Father Christmas comes in the night of 24th and the children unwrap their gifts on 25th morning.
My hostfamily had a big christmas biscuit baking event, unfortunately I wasn’t there, but they made some really nice biscuits with glittering decoration and cute shapes. Today the girls an I, we baked the rest of the dough and decorated the biscuits with chocolate. This is something really german as well. You can’t even buy all the ingredients you need for all the different types of german biscuits I would like to bake. At least I found candied orange and lemon peel at Sainsbury’s today so I can bake some “Elisenlebkuchen” (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lebkuchen). However I still enjoy the Advent, especially as the british are the best in Christmas decoration and nearly every house is an artwork for itself.

I got my FIRST LETTER today! When I checked the post, there layed a small envelope on the doormat adressed to me. It was a letter from dear friends from Germany and they sent me an Adventscalendar and some chocolate. I was very surprised and very glad about this little something, it made my day!



The place to go to is a market. Thankfully there are enough in London. I wrote about the “Maltby St Market” before, this time I explored to other really nice Markets in East London. Last weekend on Saturday I visited with the Australian the “Broadway Market” (http://broadwaymarket.co.uk), a really nice market with good food, handcraft work booths and a nice scenery. I had a nice Falafel, after I had the last one in Berlin, and he had a Laksa and something turkish, I don’t remember the name of. I only know that it’s out rolled dough filled with spinach and feta cheese which is baked on a hot iron dome. I’m sure my mother could help me with the name, because she loves that dish. At least I have a picture and you can imagine what it looks like.

On Sunday we were at Brick Lane Market and the surrounding area. At first we wanted to go to a Christmas market in Hampstead, but after the lift at the station in Hampstead was broken and they closed the station that no train could stop there anymore, we decided to skip this plan and go for a coffee at “attendant” (http://www.the-attendant.com) or “Ozone” (http://www.ozonecoffee.co.uk). We were at the first, but I wanted to mention both, because they are really nice cafés.
After that we walked through Shoreditch’s shopping streets and found some real nice small Boutiques. The most things you can get there are handmade and more expensive than in chain stores, but much more delicious as well.


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