Good things come to those who wait!

Well, another two weeks since Berlin are over and a lot had happend. I had my first visitors in London, some nice city trips and my first contact to native english speakers.


“The same procedure as last year, Miss Sophie?”…

… “The same procedure as every year, James!”. This might only the Germans of you understand, or at least some of you, who had been in Germany for New Year’s eve. This expression is out of a short film which is shown every year over a hundred times on New Year’s Eve. It’s about an old lady turning 90. years and celebrating her birthday. The Problem is, that her friends have already died years ago, that’s why the title of the film is “Dinner for one”. Because she has celebrated her birthday like this for some years her butler James uses to ask, if she wants the procedure as last year, and she is responding that she wants to have the procedure as every year.
I picked this expression because my first visitors here in London were my mother and her colleague on their annual excursion. Like every year they were visiting social services in London and of course I joined them.
I really enjoyed it though. I visited them the first time on Tuesday evening, only for two hours, but it was very importend for me. Although I’m already 21 years old, if you are in a foreign country you need your mother sometimes.
On Wednesday evening I joined them and stayed until Thursday evening because I had my weekly day off. It was really interesting. We were in a children’s care center and afterwards my mothers colleague, who had lived in London for over 8 years, guided us through the city. At some point my mother and me decided to go our own way. We were in an amazing concert in the Southbankcentre which had been for free.
On Friday I actually wanted to stay at my mothers place again, but I met a new friend and what happend next I’m telling you below.
On Saturday we met then for cream tea and scones at “Fortnum & Mason’s” ( On our way back to the hostel we took a look at Carnaby St, which is already decorated for Christmas. Later this afternoon the colleague of my mother said good-bye and left for a visit at her friend’s place. My mother and me we were leaving the city too and headed to my home. We spent a nice evening together with asian food and nice conversation. On Sunday she flew already home unfortenately, but I really enjoyed her stay and I’m looking forward to see my family on Christmas.

“Best English course you could visit!”

Well, the story of my Friday evening. When I wrote with a friend from Germany some weeks ago he offered me to contact a friend of him who lives in London. The fact is that I know already a lot people here but the most are german. In itself it’s not bad, but I won’t learn english this way, I wrote about this problem before.
For that reason I met this friend. We had written for some weeks already and arranged a “date” for Friday evening. He was born and raised in Australia and moved to London one and a half years ago.
Actually this was the night, when I wanted to join my mother again, but we spent the whole night together talking and having fun, that I joined my mother only on the next day.
He showed me his place of work, he is a barista at Taylor St Baristas, where we drank some tea on the roof of the house. From the building although it isn’t as tall as the surrounding buldings we had an amazing view over this part of London. We laughed at drunk people passing by and enjoyed that nobody seemed to recognize us. On Saturday he showed me one of the best places in London I’ve ever been to. We were at the Maltby St Market, which is only a narrow street between a row of garages underneath the railway and a wall. There they offer awsome food and tasty coffee. Mostly the coffee you can get here is more milk than coffee or only coffee infused water.
Since this weekend we met now and then and he said that this is probably “the best English course” I could attend. I really enjoy it to have somebody I can improve my english skills with and I’m so grateful that my german friend gave me this opportunity.


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