‘Berlin, Berlin, wir fahren nach Berlin!’

Well, it’s time for holiday. In the UK the year is parted into three terms. After all of them there are longer holidays, on Christmas and Easter two weeks and in the summer 6 weeks. But during the terms they have the so called „Half Term“, a week off in the middle of term.
Therefore we flew to Berlin, to see the relatives living there. I had a wonderful week of family events, meetings with friends, a wonderful birthday and some surprises.
Sightseeing in Berlin

Of course I had to visit the most important things. The „Brandenburger Tor“, the „Bundestag“, the „rote Rathaus“, the „Fernsehturm“, the Synagogue and so on. There is a lot to see in this big city and this is impossible in one day though. Luckily I had some company, Teresa, who just moved to Berlin some weeks ago.
Anyway together the tourist stuff is more fun with taking selfies and everything else. This city is very interesting though, and big too. Not as London, nothing is as big as London, but compared to Munich. We had some really nice days together there and some funny storys to tell. Once, we stood in front of the „Brandenburger Tor“, we wanted to take a Selfie and just complained about how ridiculous we think this is. Just one second later we realized, that a man started to film us taking pictures. We stared at each other, screamed out loud and ran away. That was so embarrassing. We acted like 14 years old girls seeing their favourite musician.
Birthday and crazy „Kreuzberg”

For my 21. Birthday we’d been around Kreuzberg, which is well known for it’s alternitive scene. But at first I had a really nice birthday breakfast with my hostfamily. They prepared a cake and gave me a birthday present. Afterwards I met Teresa and we we’re feasting in the best bakery in Berlin. You can’t call it Bakery anymore, it’s a cake paradise called “Kuchenwerkstatt Bravo Bravko” (http://www.bravo-bravko.de).
Then we found this very nice bar called „Bohnengold“ after asking the shop assistant at „Bravo Bravko“ where to go. At first we thought he has us on, because he said it would be around the corner but we walked and walked and no bar. Finally we found it and drank a nice bavarian bear („Augustiner“, must drink).
At last we were at a sushi bar for eating, because we were hungry for something salty after this amount of sweet cake.
Potsdam – opposites attract

On Friday we’d been in Potsdam. It’s a very small city outside Berlin, but very interesting too. My mother always told me, that it is a very beautiful city though I couldn’t believe at the beginning. They have the ugliest university in the world standing directly next to a beautiful old city. Furthermore they have a pompous wall standing in the middle of nowhere. This wall, looking like the front side of a mansion, was only a dummy to make the building behind it more beautiful.
Well we found the nice part too. They have a dutch part which is very nice and the old part of the city is so too. They have nice cafés and restaurantes and it is much cheaper than in Berlin.
Visitor from Munich

One of the best things this week was the visit of my best friend from Munich. She get there with the nightbus just for me and stayed with us a night. Of course we were out and stranded in the „MacLaren“ Pub. But after a while we realized, that we all of us are very tired and we would be happy with some hot wine and a sleepover at Teresa’s place.
Berlin is such an interesting place, you can’t really call it beautiful. In any case I want to go there again soon as possible.


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