Birthday Party or Princess Wonderland

There is one thing I have to get used to: british birthday parties. If I think of my former birthday parties I remember simple chocolate cakes, cucumber crocodiles, as many guests as your age and the so called german Partygame “Topfschlagen” in which you get blindfolded and you have to find the treasure underneath a cooking pot by drumming on the ground with a wooden spoon. Meanwhile the other party guests are helping in shouting whether the searcher is getting closer to the goal or not. British birthday parties are more like big events in a rented location with entertainer and an extraordinary birthday cake. Girls parties you can imagine a bit like the MTV series ‘My sweet Sixteen’, boys parties instead are less glittering and often celebrated in indoor playgrounds or lego-themed. Last week the older got 5 years old. She had a Princess-Party at home, Frozen-themed and with an Anna-entertainer. In the end there were about 15 girls (without the siblings and the mothers) celebrating her birthday in the gardenhouse with a beatiful Elsa birthday cake.

This cake looks really difficult, but in fact it’s easy to create. You only need a Elsa doll and cake skirt covered with frosting and icing.

Somehow I can understand the attraction of a party like this, mainly because when I was a little girl I liked to present myself in the communion dress of my mother and to be the Queen right away. Nevertheless I’d prefer my former birthday parties.


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