Berlin through an objective lens #3

It’s the time of the year to get festive. Therefore we had some friends over for a Christmas dinner and some of our favourite Londoners for NYE.


Pre-Christmas wonderland

Pre-Christmas visit to Bavaria with a lot of baking, some snow and quiet time.

Pre-Christmas wonderland

On the weekend I went home to Bavaria to see my parents and to take a break from Berlin. Don’t get me wrong, I love Berlin. As a country potato though it is quite tiring and I needed some time off from the big city life. Furthermore I felt like I would be happier coming back…

A birthday surprise

Some pictures of my birthday weekend with the best boyfriend and family in the world!

A birthday surprise

I got the best birthday present I could have dreamed of. How it came to it however is a long story. Originally a friend from London wanted to visit, unfortunately the flights were so damn expensive, as my birthday fell on the second weekend of the mid term holiday, so she couldn’t afford it. These were…

Where is home?

Wow, three months since my last post even though it happened a lot. I feel a bit guilty but in the same time I think I needed the break. After I’d left London I didn’t feel to well either, sadness and excitement overcame me. The two weeks in Berlin working for my host family flew…

Time to say goodbye

My time as an Au Pair is nearly over. My things are packed, half of it is already with a transport on its way to Berlin and I had to leave London last Friday, as the family and me are in Berlin for two weeks before they go on holiday. It was very hard to say goodbye…

Am I still welcome here?

Originally I didn’t want to publish a post about the Eu Referendum in the UK. I’m sure everybody has already read about the circumstances and the results. The Leave campaign won with a narrow majority. Everybody I know is shocked, devastated and disappointed. My friends are of various cultural backgrounds like Czech, Polish, Australian, Scottish, Irish…

Bavaria in one weekend

I had waited so long for this weekend to come and now it has been already two weeks since we visited my parents and spent lovely two days in Munich. There was actually no reason to fly to Germany, I just wanted a weekend with my parents before the summer. Luckily the Australian got holiday as well…

Bavaria in one weekend

We visited my parents and Munich for a weekend. We had a lot of traditional bavarian food and met some old friends.